BSG - Tropical Hardwood Lumber from French Guyana


Tropical Hardwood Lumber are our ressources and main value, since 2010 we are PEFC certified (the european equivalent for FSC)

Supplying high quality hardwood tropical lumber

At the heart of the amazonian forest, in French Guyana (South America), we are your industrial partner for your importation of tropical hardwood lumber particularly in the Caribean Area, in Europe and Asia.

1. With direct integration of the wood sourcing we are able to harvest the harwood tropical species you need.

2. Our sawn-timber quality is optimal due to our highly performant factory.

3. Optimisation of the logistics flows to keep the value in our lumber

4. 20 years of export experience in the whole world.

Find the tropical hardwood lumber you need

Your are looking for ?

A tropical wood that resists to Termites and insects ?

Lumber that can be used in moisturized / damp environment ?

Sawn-timber for boat / naval building ?

Tropical woods that can resist exterior agression along the time ?

Wood solutions for under water purpose ?

Natural and colorful tropical wood for a unique esthetic ?

Tropical lumber with unique mechanical resistance ?

High quality wood based flooring and decking ?

A wood with the highest sustainability standards ?

We supply the best tropical hardwood from the amazonian forest to answer your applications.